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”poppins” by tim burton is probably someone’s april fools so i’m just gonna think about a way to murder the person who made me scream bc i thought for a moment it was true (jk i’m just gonna eat some ice cream crying bc oh why)


It felt truly, truly amazing. Both an honor and humbling. I’m still not sure it happened, to be honest. I remember waking up the day after shooting the forest scene and it feeling like a dream. You grow up watching someone like Johnny, and just have such immense respect for him as a human being and in awe of his on screen portrayals—and suddenly, bam! There he is and you are rehearsing with him. It is intimidating for a second, but just for that, a second. He was such a nice, genuine, down to earth person–you very quickly just get down to work and have a good time. It shatters modern media’s celebrity creation. You are bombarded by all this stuff now to make stars seem not human and different, and immediately you realize he is just a really nice, genuine guy with a huge talent. In between takes he spent the entire time making sure we were OK, despite the fact that he had the lion share of the work to do and we had lines here and there.

I have one funny anecdote about my experience with Johnny. During the forest scene, we were in a flight path and so it took several hours to get the shot in the can, as we often had to start takes again due to plane noise ruining takes. I had been reading a lot on Buddhism and meditation at the time, and wanted to stay focused in between takes. So I closed my eyes and just concentrated on my breathing, and Johnny leaned over to me and said ‘have we lost you, Buddy?’ I was immediately so embarrassed at the fact that he thought I may have fallen asleep! He then proceeded to tell me a story about how an actor had fallen asleep in a scene with him, saying ‘it does wonders for your ego!’

— Gabriel Freilich (the hippie from Dark Shadows) talks about Johnny Depp (via depparadisburtoncarter)

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